Also talk about advertising text Wangzhuan positioning

webmaster year after year, especially this year. May also be due to the CN domain name cabbage price led to the new year this year, China has become the largest year. How efficient Wangzhuan became the webmaster required regular courses.

today I say to you is not how to locate a website, but how to locate the ads, how to better allow users to click on your own ads so that you get the maximum profit value.

a lot of Adsense hanging ads have a common problem, no matter what advertising as long as the advertising is hanging up. But have you ever thought of, is also a bit of advertising to make the advertisement more money? (pop and background advertising code will not say. Everyone knows it is very simple – advertising positioning. read more

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The history of the most shameless bad account of the advertising alliance Ali mother

I have always thought that Ali mother is a more honest advertising alliance, after all, is the name of Ali’s father, will not be blocked account. Previously in the forum and QQ group saw a friend complained that his account was closed, I thought it was their own site problems. But today, I found that I was wrong, Ali mother began to deteriorate, they will be free to close the user account, no matter how you explain it.

Because of the recent

ranking fell badly, looking for reasons, see online advertising will affect the mother said it included Baidu and website ranking, which is likely to be K, then combined with the actual situation of their site analysis, if there are so little reason to know before I site key word ranking is very high, the average there are also tens of thousands of IP days. read more

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2013BAT five and 2014 hard entrepreneurial opportunities

just past 2013, the Internet is dramatically in a year, can be said to be the first year of overall development of the mobile Internet, PC Internet, traditional media is crying cry decline of the year, but also the Internet giant enclosure movement is the most violent year.

A review of the

2013, the Internet Co competition is fierce, BAT big three oligopoly situation seems to be more stable, but from their main business BAT, PC era of the Internet to the mobile Internet era has strong confrontation situation, especially in AQ mobile for war. From the giant’s big moves, we can more clearly observe the trend of the domestic internet. read more

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Data analysis of a day after Baidu suspended advertising

to do a day after the suspension of Baidu advertising data analysis, Baidu alliance to promote a new business, and in February 2nd launched a suspension of advertising. A total of 3 kinds of advertising formats, floating couplet ads, floating buttons, the lower right corner of the floating window. When you receive the mail to Baidu after the first time I added a suspended advertising, is my own station test data, we can also go to the Baidu alliance at the official show, the following is my test data for reference. read more

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To rookie – Blog knowledge can not be unknown

The Chinese name of the Blog, has been the focus of the discussion of the domestic Blog sites, so Blog in China also has a network log, blog, newspaper, blog and blog name. In the absence of a conclusion, I prefer not to change its name, the direct use of English Blog, but also implies the exchange of ideas without borders. Literally, Blog is Weblog, Weblog is " Web" Log" " combination of Chinese meaning of Log is " " log;, extended to water records of any type, so Weblog can be understood as a kind of water recorded on the internet. This kind of Internet can be regarded as a personal web page. The owner of Blog will be in the Blog of their daily life experience and inspiration imagination and self expression, abstract, network news commentary all hear, see and feel things down, readers can also enjoy a variety of ideas and experiences bring as look like a diary. Blog’s owner is known as Blogger or Weblogger, often referred to as bloggers or bloggers. read more

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Management, not too much details

If you

to your employees dislike? Does he dress differently? Does he work at random? He always likes to put an earphone in his ear? He eats in the work area?

details for those properties of characteristics is relatively heavy, strong situation. For example, production line management, military management, etc.. These occasions generally have some common features, that is, relatively few variables, small changes. Even if the excessive management, it will not lead to bad effects, at most is the rising cost of.

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Flickr decline revelation entrepreneurial team vision was killed by YAHOO

is an entrepreneurial team beyond the era of vision, is a large company brutally killing — missed slow social opportunities, at the mobile market, Flickr should decline to all entrepreneurs as a warning.

if you want to list those big companies after the acquisition of the decline of the popular products, Flickr must be ranked. This year the epoch-making significance of entrepreneurial team work has now become increasingly marginalized, ordinary users to Instagram, Facebook or Path and other new photo sharing services and social networks, professional users are gradually transferred to 500px more attractive, easier to use and cheaper professional photo storage service. Even users who simply want to store photos, but also have more options, such as Dropbox, Skydrive and Google Drive. read more

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Ali mother’s two video ads

      click Register Ali mother, sell your site ad > >

advertising video is good! The integrity of the webmaster to see it!  

Ali mother trading platform

can also do a small station, 1 cents to settle!

let the world is not difficult to do advertising!

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A successful nternet business needs more opportune

Mencius said: "the day as location, terrain and better." But for entrepreneurs, especially in the Internet era, successful entrepreneurs need more opportune three have.


Internet era is an era of rapid change in information and technology, iterative times, almost every few years or even months are a new cycle of reincarnation. The emergence of new technologies, new information, new services and so on, dizzying. Changes in the era of fast rhythm has become mainstream, all kinds of new things is not in changing people’s life all the time, promoters of the wheel of history roll forward. In the market environment, competition is more innovation, innovation emerge in an endless stream exacerbating economic development frequently, only stand high and see far, know how to seize the opportunity and take the opportunity of the entrepreneurs are more likely to succeed. Conform to the development of the Internet. It is a positive occasion, your career will be very influential, overnight success is no longer a myth. read more

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Comment on today

Today, review records, group 1 (34289155) welcome to continue to add!

currently offers 2 webmaster website interactive comments QQ group 1:34289155 (200 full) QQ group 2:34514742 (120)

to help the webmaster understand your website, let the webmaster to comment on your website. 3 pm to 3:30 pm each day in the group of the next (want to develop to the future of the 5 group of people want to help a lot of publicity) at the same time to comment on the 2

the afternoon to review site


speed pretty fast!    

or the old rules, free speech. The selection of the 2 sites that you think are better to do the 2 links    

I of online animation’s comments: navigation channel feeling is smaller, the internal page title is too small."Thanks read more

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Big money can not be separated from the four ideas


market is now undertaking a variety of emerging industries raging like a storm, times out. For entrepreneurs choose which industry is a key step in winning. Compared with other investment channels and financial instruments, entrepreneurship in the above level, the meaning of a heavier lifestyle. Entrepreneurship is a way of life, in a sense, the way of life to a certain extent change the direction and direction of entrepreneurship.

financial market towards the "surplus" raging like a storm, the "loss", however, entrepreneurship as a means of investment, is less affected by the policy level, and the technology is relatively low threshold way. But it is also because of this, 2006 entrepreneurial road how to move, we can explore the future direction of the official basis is not so clear. After the reporter visited the city in the successful business cases, starting from their experience and market trends, summarized combing, summed up the four ideas, hoping to start in 2006 to help investors. read more

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Who wants to retire Google alliance advertising cake

according to the relevant media said Google’s withdrawal from China is likely to reach 99.9%, Google has developed a detailed plan to close its Chinese search engine. The Google’s exit, the online advertising market on the China will produce what kind of impact? The author with the problem, do some thinking and analysis as follows, hoping to help the healthy development of the online advertising market Chinese.

Google’s exit, no doubt that Baidu is a great thing, but the health and rapid development of China’s entire online advertising market is not necessarily a good thing. read more

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Yiqifa Women’s day with your Salala flowers.


Hello, women’s day show net Salala flowers a series of beautiful

love your spring, express love to your lover maybe, you missed the Spring Festival, even, you missed the Valentine’s day…… However, the women’s day, you should not miss it, you love the people express it, send her a bunch of the most beautiful flowers, send her the most beautiful spring!

active link address:

women’s festival, you can not miss, you are actively involved in the oh… read more

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Change Taobao guest station model easy to earn thousands of dollars

you know, June 5th is a black Saturday for the majority of customers Taobao webmaster friends, Baidu has taken measures to Taobao K station guest website, almost all goods page is Baidu K Baidu Taobao light! No longer pay attention to guest website, the guest website there is a way to do Taobao


or according to the original construction model: download a free Taobao API off site source to do some promotion after let Baidu included and bring traffic, the answer is negative, is certainly dead! But if the change of thinking, maybe have a bright sky read more

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Secret alliance insider

union buckle quantity is fundamental.

we take the Union message, before saying, to understand a basic problem, mobile, SP, alliance, webmaster, service provider, is the literal translation service providers in different industries of different service providers in the industry, all known as SP is mobile and China Unicom SMS cooperation partner, send text messages such as TV often said to the 106699999999 channel number is SP, how was born in here do not introduced. The league is just a middle marketers from customers with products through the SP channel, product marketing to SMS and MMS way. Adsense from the alliance where advertising promotion, from which to obtain a certain profit sharing. (a bit long winded, but found that some owners do not know, you know when the crap) read more

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Grassroots webmaster why most of them can not earn money

society is divided into grades, and so is the website. Grassroots webmaster like farmers, farm income mainly depends on the force, not to sell the original processed food money. And what the big portal and vertical web site is like a large manufacturer, on the basis of packaging and processing production, sell high. Now China grassroots webmaster can say is a lot of, but, can really make money is very few. Most of them are relying on advertising alliance which maintain a meager income, can sell monthly are rarely, even sold monthly advertising, where to go or not, remove the server costs, living expenses and other mixed fee, can earn money with a general workers almost, although working comfortable, but they worry more than tired. This is the grassroots webmaster present situation, want to break is always very weak, want to retreat and fear of nothing, lose too much. But a group of people, so helpless life, every day to repeat the same thing, the site’s traffic and income is not increasing, not bad. The loss of time every day, people grow old day by day, slowly lost morale, lost health, but also lost the direction. All of a sudden feel that life is very slim, very passive, there are countless times want to jump out of this strange circle, but always jump out. Here’s a simple way to explain why grassroots webmaster earn less money: read more

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How long to be a successful webmaster

graduated from the University for more than a year, when love website, but I have never done their own personal station, always so obsessed with the program. Hope to study hard to find a good job after graduation, but more than a year of work, and now understand. It is so difficult for me to survive in this restless society, I chose to be a personal station, go to the internet.

graduated from now I have been in a network company to do procedures, pay little, remove the rent and living expenses, moon. Almost no surplus, remember last year to go home. The body is less than 1000, otherwise I don’t mind shabby, hard to school is now back in the new year this? I made my personal station of a colleague in a crowd, the intermediate code station, met a alumni, can earn $10 a day, so my heart surging, start the first station, and most of the owners to stay up late, Baidu search, all website promotion methods, the first is Baidu included, was first included in GG makes me happy can’t sleep sleep at night, but joy after is depressed, every day to 100IP to two months. I really lost my confidence, is my personal webmaster road destined to fail? read more

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All kinds of Wangzhuan survey This is what a lie

click on the ads on the Internet to make money? Money? Read the mail to make money? Do a survey to make money? Can say, yes, it is true, however, when money has passed, it is said that the 02, 03, 04 years that is very profitable, good environment. Unfortunately, I have not seen the computer at that time. A few days ago, China Mobile sent a message saying, a few days will do the investigation, will give you a telephone number used to ask questions, answer the questions, you can get 100 yuan bill, in fact, this is the investigation of wangzhuan. Because of today’s society, especially in the western society, the commercialization of a variety of advertising companies springing up, e-commerce in the ascendant. There is a A website for prosperity own website to buy traffic, so there is a B company (website), B (Web site) to the site of the A A website to advertise them. B company how to advertise to others, is to give others money, let others to browse the A website, therefore, A site, B, and click on the advertising of Internet users, three parties are making money. read more

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deas determine the way out share my views on Taobao four

do SEO have a few years of time, the beginning has been focusing on industry website and the enterprise website SEO, then gradually transition to Taobao, and after six months of development, more and more customers found that Taobao is a pending development of gold mine. The inside of the market is too large, involving all aspects of the daily industry, if we are familiar with Taobao customers, then the income will be very rich. Even if the competition is very intense, but there must be some industries can be extended, the use of the long tail theory, to find a niche market, I think this is the future of the new direction to do Taobao. read more

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Pop-up ads, the effect is the last word

Although some health care advertising overwhelming people hate, but there are many enterprises rely on the lowest level of marketing means, in a very short period of time to create annual sales of more than 10 billion yuan of myth, although these companies rarely can keep this incredible sales coverage, and has some health care products was eventually exposed is actually a gimmick, but there are still constantly enterprises expect to create new myths by the huge advertising tactics. So some people also seem to have to accept this reality, and lamented that despite the annoying way of advertising, but the effect is the last word". In the field of Internet advertising, pop-up ads like some domestic health care advertising as boring, but research has shown that the effect is better than the pop-up ads and other forms of online advertising is much more, if we do not consider the user’s psychological feeling, it can be said that POP advertising network advertising forms the most effective.

< >

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